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20 unique pieces themed around the core concept of gags. 2 that were flat colored by me, 4 of which have been flat colored by :iconaidenke:. Plus a bonus fully colored version of by :iconpsuede:. The pictures are a mix of simple gag busts to some more detailed shots from the knees up. Restraints and gags vary wildly from bondage gear to rope, tape, and webs. Content is similar to the other pictures found here: -

:star: Suichi's Artchive 2016 vol 1 - $10.00
Characters featured include:
    Undyne - Undertale - harness ballgag/muzzle
    Hermoine - Harry Potter - sweet gwen hood
    Marinette - Miraculous Ladybug - trainer ballgag
    Catwoman -Batman TAS - knotted cleave gag
    Yoko Ritona - Gurren Lagann - OTM, cloth collar, headscarf, noseplugs
    Cammy White - StreetFighter V - harness panel gag
    Ema Skye - Ace Attorney - harness muzzle w/ psyche lock
    Sakura Haruno (older) - Naruto : The Last - explosive tag
    Revy - Black Lagoon - tape harness gag
    Nami - One Piece - bit gag
    Rainbow Mika - StreetFighter V - title strap gag
    Gwen Stacy - Spider Gwen - ballgag
    Carol Danvers - Captain Marvel - scolds mask
    Storm - X-Men - inflatable bulb
    Peach - Mario - Bowser themed hood
    Ilsa - Danger 5 - inflatable gag
    Faith - Mirror's Edge - muzzle
    Linkle - Legend of Zelda - pony bit gag
    Tinkerbell - Peter Pan - webbing gag
    Usagi - Sailor Moon - ofuda gag

Paypal account *not* required for purchase. All DLs contain mature content and are not for the youngins. This set contains minor nudity.

After payment is complete, you will receive an email with the DL link shortly thereafter. If you have any trouble with this, you can note me with your info and I will take care of it personally.
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redblink300 Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2016
What hapened with the chainsman institute ??????
SuichiTanaka Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2016
All the artists moved on years ago. A backup of the site is located here:…
maddland Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2016  Student Artist
Got it just for Faith, I was not dissapointed! : o
yooged Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2016
Easily worth every penny!
Revy and Tinkerbell were my favorites, neither of them ever get enough love!
WossaRem Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2016
Fuuaarrkk! :eager:

Peach, Faith and Tinkerbell are my favourites! :love: It's all so good! :faint:
necrolectric Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2016
Don't do this to me, libido. We're going to be responsible with our first paycheck, not blow it on bondage art. Sexy, sexy bondage art in full color, with lots of different types of gags-
FanArtFantast Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2016
Having seen the Hermoine piece being worked on on a stream, i can honestly say that that piece alone is worth 10$.
aidenke Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2016
I'm glad you dug it when you saw it - all credit to Suichi on that one for making the outfit look just too good! :P
FanArtFantast Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2016
Wish i cold afford to get it. :/
aidenke Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2016
Good news is that it won't be taken down anytime soon, so you could always set aside a little at a time to cover the $10!
MorbidoToaster Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2016
FUUUUCK, daily temptations!
thidhus Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2016
artchives? they werent even posted anywhere :P
JaceDraccus Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2016
Now that is very tempting....
Zkeierea Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
i wish i could get the spider-gwen but im a poor mexcan with no munies :( lmao
aidenke Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2016
So many fun characters in this roster - with some wonderfully creative and well-suited gag-types for each character. I may have a bias in this set, having helped with a few, but there are so many more that I didn't even see that have gags that are just too-perfect for their gal in question.

Great work on this set - so much fun, and a really neat idea for a pack!
parangsakti Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2016
New chives! Yey
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March 29, 2016
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