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I just wanted to point out to people who were interested, that I uploaded a document that explains some of the Capture Kingdom setting a little more in depth. For anyone who wanted to know a bit more about the park and how it came to be, this will provide at least some answers.

I also wanted to point out some wonderful fiction that :iconmuddyscarecrow: has done within the setting. Four different short stories are available, all set within the park, for your amusement. He's done a wonderful job highlighting the adventurous but fun atmosphere I intended for the setting to have. You should really go check them out:
The Hunting: A Capture Kingdom Story“I can't believe I let you drag me into this. You KNOW I hate these things!” Becky whined as she kept her arms wrapped tightly around Sarah's shoulders. She was basically waddling behind her, ready to jump onto her back at the slightest hint of danger. Sarah smirked as she kept her hands behind her and on Becky's hips.
“And yet here we are. We already got past the Suits of Armor. So no turning back until we get to the end...Or someone catches us.” She gave her hip a quick squeeze, causing her to jump. She flushed as red as her latex catsuit and gave Sarah a slap on the shoulder. “Kidding, sweetie. Even though it's just pretend I won't let them get you. I'll make a daring sacrifice if I have to.”
“And leave me in this place on my own? Great plan, Master Chief.” She giggled despite how freaked out she was, jumping at every shadow that danced across the drab walls from the flickering candlelight. They passed by a cracked painting of a dapper
The Hunting Next Level Part 1: Claustrophobia“I'm still having trouble believing that YOU'RE the one who wanted to try again. Not that I didn't wanna give it another go after yesterday. I just...wasn't expecting you to suggest it first.” Becky blushed as she held onto Sarah's hip. She wasn't as tight against her now that she knew what to expect.
“I just...I feel bad about yesterday. ...We got caught because of me...So I wanted to make it up to you.” Sarah slowed down and raised an eyebrow up to her purple hair.
“The hell you talking about? We got caught because I tried to use a toy to cut myself loose.” She chuckled, still beating herself up about that.
“I was sealed up and useless that whole time, Sarah. You had to carry me around the whole time. ...You even called me a video game escort...” Now Sarah stopped completely and rested her black gloved hands on Becky's shiny red shoulders.
“Becks...I was kidding. I seriously would have carried you all the way up to the third floor
The Hunting Next Level Part 2: CreepingThe tunnel was disgustingly humid, water droplets starting to form on their latex catsuits. Sweat beaded gently down their foreheads, and both started to regret their choice of attire for the day. The tunnel walls were covered almost entirely by a sort of vegetation that writhed and pulsated as if it were alive. Both girls clung to each other despite the humidity, paranoid that one of the vines would leap off the wall and ensnare them. Every few feet there was a giant pink-red flower of some kind, its petals spread wide and its center pulsating like the rest of the plant life around them. They steered extra clear of these, sure that there was some kind of vine that would shoot from it like a bullet from a barrel.
Despite there not being any visible light source, the tunnel was still surprisingly well lit. It must have been coming from the vines or something. The wind that had been in the worm tunnel was now replaced by a gross kind of pulsing rhythm. Like a gooey heartbeat. Sarah was a
Modern Gladiators: A Capture Kingdom StoryCathy sighed through her nose as she looked up at the stadium lights, sweating already in her black catsuit and leather restraints. She kept her eyes down on the flat leather boots strapped tightly to her thighs, chained together by a pair of leather cuffs that allowed her just enough room to walk. She rolled her shoulders back to ease the pressure in her arms, which were currently pinned behind her in a leather armbinder that kept them folded one on top of the other. A tight wide collar was wrapped around her slender neck, the big iron ring on the front tethered to a leash that was currently being held in an iron grip by a hand clad in red latex fingerless gloves. The other hand slid firmly but gently across Cathy's hooded head, the latex squeaking loudly in her covered ears.
“Nervous?” Cathy licked her lips before answering. She hadn't been gagged for once, which was a good sign. That meant Megan was in a good mood and wanted to talk to her.
“A little, Miss Trace. I
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Edit: Commissions are closed. I have WAY too many requests and not nearly enough time or effort in me to meet them all. As things stand right now, I will probably only take a few more at most and I'm likely not going to get around to anyone I've ever done art for in the past. If I've ever done anything for you before, it's quite unlikely I'm going to take your commission this time around. I'm sorry for the inconvenience, just trying to be fair to people who might not otherwise get the chance.

Alright, I have decided to open for commissions. Please be aware that my rate for commissions has skyrocketed though; as it's going to take more to get me motivated to draw these days.

My commission rate is going to be $70 USD for up to two characters payable via Paypal (or other negotiated payment type), full color, similar to what's shown here:

Mature Content

Institute - After Hours 3 by SuichiTanaka

Mature Content

Beastman-handled by SuichiTanaka

Mature Content

Cosflation - Odessa Morrigan by SuichiTanaka

Please note that I am not saying that my art is worth those values, that's simply what it's going to take to motivate me right now. I am kinda happy being lazy and playing video games at the moment.

I can do limited backgrounds though they are not my strong suit. Extra characters and alternate variants can be negotiated. Finished artwork will be at least 8" x 10" at 300 dpi, in whatever digital file format you desire. I'm only taking on commissions that I can post in some form, so if you'd like to keep the artwork private, this is not the opportunity you're interested in. I'm tired of having a pile of secret artwork that I can't ever show anyone.

I am willing to draw almost anything, very little bothers me and I enjoy lots of varied fetishes. I am not proficient at doing everything though and I personally enjoy bondage, restriction, gear, sticky stuff, and enclosure more than other subjects. I am giving preference to anyone who I've never done any art for before and I will likely prioritize commissions that I find amusing or enjoyable.

I am doing to do one commission at a time, as I don't know how long my desire to do this will last. So, my commission queue is technically one slot. When I finish that one, I'll move onto the next. If you're still interested after all this, then you can leave me a message either here on the journal or a private note, I'll be checking frequently.

:star: Current slot: Full
Status: Colors
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Institute After Hours 3 is now released. The info on what's inside is here:

Mature Content

Institute - After Hours 3 by SuichiTanaka
If you want to pick one up directly, you can via [This Link]

Now that I have the set out, I have done some random number generating via and determined the winners. Those winners are:


I will be contacting people privately to distribute the sets.


As of writing this, it is Sept 19. I intend to have my newest set out in roughly a week. Hopefully on Sept 25th.

I know that not everyone can afford to pay for their fetish material, as I have been one of those folks for most of my life as well. So, I figured a tiny bit of charity is in order and I'll give away 5 sets of AH3 when it is released, randomly chosen from the people who post that they are interested within this journal. It is not first come first serve, I will assign numbers to the people I see, then use a random number generator to pick out 5 winners.

Please specify you're interested in the giveaway. I want to separate the people who just want to comment, from the ones who want to be entered into the giveaway. I hope you all have a nice weekend.


Edit: In the meantime if you're interested in more institutional restraint and don't want to wait, then you should look at :iconmaddland: Maddland's new set <da:thumb id="560907167"/>
and if you're in the mood for some tape based shenanigans (which I always am,) then you will be highly interested in :iconwossarem: Wossa's comic

Mature Content

ESCAPADES Issue 1 - $8 Instant Download by WossaRem
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Since the MangaStudio / ClipStudio sale is over, this is largely a placeholder journal to fill the spot while I think of something more substantial to put here.

Also, Skullgirls is super cool and RoboFortune is on the way. That is all.
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Is totally on sale again for 15 bucks.

I have used Photoshop, PaintToolSAI, and CSP/MangaStudio. CSP is easily the best of the three for creating new line art, in my experience. Picking it up for 15 bucks is a steal and may help any struggling artists out there have cleaner and more controlled lines.

It's going back to normal price in a few days, so if you were on the fence about it before, now is the time to jump on it.
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So I had originally been working on a magic themed game show kink set that I was originally going to sell, but various factors over time had conspired to make me lose interest in it. So instead of letting it languish forever in a state of unfinished hell, I decided just to post what I had to this folder:…

These are unfinished inks, so they have incorrect spots and rough edges that would have been cleaned up later. But since I am uninterested in actually finishing them for purchase, they're going up as is. Despite their rough nature, I hope that you enjoy them.
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I have two different ideas for other projects I would like to explore. I am curious on people's opinions about which they like more.

First, an old project that I had previously toyed with that actually has some related design files in my Artchive. It was a bondage themed school (college prep/post highschool) that attempted to reform delinquent students and re-integrate them back into society. It would take in the most extreme edge cases of people who were spiraling towards the path of career criminal activity. The actual illustrations would follow the story of a student who was mistakenly (or purposely) placed there and her run ins with the staff and other students. Lots of restraints, uniforms, and detention to be had.

Second, an expansion on the earlier Breakout idea I did as a trade with Wossa. A bondage themed game show where a group of contestants battle another, in various games and activities that all revolve around restraint. Ending in a climactic race through an obstacle course designed to trap them at every turn, all the while being pursued by their captors. Instead of limiting the idea to something more realistic, I would likely expand the idea to a more fetish friendly show. One that wouldn't hide it's games around some playful idea.

I really like both of them and will probably attempt my hand at each, though I am curious on what other people think. Which one would you want to see more? Do you want to see established characters from media, comics, animation involved, or do you want to see original characters that fit the ideas better. Or does it simply not matter?

Second Part:
It seems like the gameshow idea has more traction with the general folk here. Though it was really neck and neck for a long while. In any case, I like both, but people have made some interesting observations that will definitely cause me to modify some of my original ideas.

Now I'm curious about something else. From a working standpoint, I can only do full color digital art so quickly, versus pencil and ink work that's much easier to produce. There comes a point where getting the idea across is more important than having the quality without the quantity. But that point is different for everyone. So what is the quantity point at which black and white illustrations are equal to a certain number of full color works? 150% as much? 200% as much? If you would normally get 10 fully colored pictures, how many black and white ones would you need to feel like it was equal in value?
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For those who don't know, I tend to post a lot of work to scraps. Most of my art is unfinished work that I'm happy with just expressing the idea of. Since people might like to see it, even in it's rough state, I post the pieces to my scraps instead of my gallery.

Not everyone looks in artists' scrap galleries, so I figured I'd make a note here about it.
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Since there was some conflicting feelings on the separation of the art pack, I split the difference and made two individual DLs for people who might not want to have odd fetishes in their bondage. Price is the same, just more choices for the purchase.

While this is just an archive of my old stuff and things I have never posted before, any other DLs I do in the future will be all new high res content most likely in full color. There are some themes that I'd definitely like to explore. It'd also be nice to cater to some of the more niche fetishes out there that never get much new content.
I'm going to experiment with doing content on a regular basis, though I don't know if there's a market for it or not. My interests are a bit indistinct, sampling from so many other little communities. I have a wide mix of bondage, rubber, furry, masking, sticky, and various other fetish categories in my archive of art. One that totals over 200 pictures.

So the question I have for people is if I made an archive of both my old and unreleased works available for purchase, would people want them separated into completely separate packs, or available as a single giant download? Are the weirder fetishes acceptable in the standard BDSM stuff, or do you want them segregated out into their own files?
[Edit: Whomever is in the queue still gets their spots, but I'm finishing up with the theme for now.]

I am opening slots for commissions based on themes and scenes from the Chainsman Institute. This would include institutional restraints, rubber coatings, innovative therapies, internal staff pranks, and isolation chambers. All backgrounds will be from the original files we used in the Institute, as I have a backup of the files we used for the original project. Capture scenes that take place outside of the Institute are not included in this round of commissions, but capture scenes within the institute grounds are acceptable.

The Chainsman Institute is available for browsing here.

Price for single character with basic flat color and Institute background is $25 USD. Art will be inked on paper and then digitally cleaned in Photoshop. Files will be delivered digital only and will be 300 dpi at a minimum size of 8" x 8" (most likely larger). Your choice of JPG, PNG, TIFF, or BMP file format.

Examples of line quality to expect are

Mature Content

Captive Hearts by SuichiTanaka
Kurumi the Bunnygirl by SuichiTanaka Tapesurfing by SuichiTanaka

I will do additional variants of blindfolds, gags, and other small details such as shoes/barefoot, mittens, and any other detail that does not require a redraw of the body, for $3 USD each.  Any variant that requires a redraw of the body, such as gags or blindfolds that change the way the hair lays, position changes that reveal previously un-drawn parts of the picture, or restraint swaps that require a new edit of the body and/or clothing will cost $6 (as these edits require a LOT more work than a simple addition.)

Additional characters will be $15 USD each.

Commission ideas should match the general theme of the Chainsman Institute, which has never used outright violence nor cruel intentions on it's patients or staff. OCs are welcome and you may choose to portray them as staff or patients both. Pre-existing characters from television shows, movies, or cartoons are acceptable, however I will refuse very young characters (13 and under.) References must be provided for whatever you wish drawn. I will attempt my best to portray the characters and details accurately, however this largely depends on the accuracy and number of the references you provide.

Upon taking the commission, I will provide a thumbnail sketch for you to review and suggest any necessary changes to, at which point I will provide a draft sketch for final approval. I will then request payment and upon receiving payment, I will complete the final inks and then deliver it to you via email, or house it in a place where you can download it yourself. I accept payment via PayPal, however I may be able to accept payment in other ways depending upon circumstances.

Once delivered, you have the right to display the art on your own page if you wish, upload it to any place you deem fit, or make edits to it if you desire. I simply ask that you please do not erase my signature from the picture, or I will weep bitter emo tears of babbyman. I will post the commission art, in lower resolution and size, on my own page. If you wish to keep the commission a secret, or wish me to not post it on my page, please say so beforehand.

Commission slots will be completed in the order of payment received.

Current Commission slots:
none for the moment

Queue: Whomever is the first that can get me the information, references and a solid concept of exactly what they want, gets the first available slot. New slots will open as I finish commissions. Watch the journal for updates.


Mature Content

Commission: Patient Soul Train by SuichiTanaka


Mature Content

Commission: Acquisition of Elie and Tali'Zorah by SuichiTanaka


Mature Content

Commission: Patients Aeria and Wossername by SuichiTanaka


Mature Content

Commission: Patient(s) April O'Neil by SuichiTanaka


Mature Content

Commission: Iron MAIDEN Lilith by SuichiTanaka


Mature Content

Commission: Sapphic Neko - Spanking Wheel by SuichiTanaka

It's that time of year again. I will be doing Valentine's Day art in some form. I do not know what that will be yet.

If you have any suggestions as to themes or basic ideas, please leave them here. If I like them, I may do them over the next week. One caveat, I will likely be doing this with Melanie and/or her friends, so if the idea is dependent upon your OC being there, don't bother.

Edit: Valentime over. I used two ideas I got from people, one of which wasn't suggested here. I thank everyone for their input. Back to drawing whatever the hell winds up amusing my twisted mind.
This is incredibly sad and heartbreaking, but we should all take note of this and learn from his mistake. :iconkinkengineering: would want us all to be safe.

"Archean and the staff at Kink Engineering are sad to report that Mad_Scientist (Matt) passed away on May 23rd, 2012, at the age of 35.  His death was accidental.  He was a great friend, a brilliant mind, and an exceptional lover.

Matt was awesomely creative and scientifically curious.  His first focus for his customers was always safety.  Many of you will remember Matt commenting in the vac bed groups and taking a strong stand against the idea that a person could safely do vac bed bondage whilst alone.

Kink Engineering's philosophy continues to be safety first; therefore, even though it hurts to say it, we have a duty and responsibility to the community and to our past and future customers to be completely honest here.

Matt died, because he made a stupid decision to go into a vac bed alone, while Archean was out of town.  He thought he had figured out the safety issues and created another layer of safety; he was wrong and it cost him his life.

There is no way that we at Kink Engineering could ever cover up the real cause of death and pretend it happened any other way, to do so would be a disservice to our customers, the community, and to Matt, who was adamant that vac beds be used responsibly and safely.

Matt's death was a direct result of prolonged neck compression from the neck gasket.  The bed he chose to go in had been custom fitted to Archean, who has a much smaller neck.  The baro receptors in his internal carotid arteries signaled to his body that his blood pressure was dangerously high, and this sent off a vagal response to slow the heart.  Since the signal of high blood pressure could not be relieved, Matt lost consciousness and the vagal response caused his heart to stop completely.

Had there been a person to assist outside the vac bed, they would have been able to get him out at the first sign of trouble or non-responsiveness.  All Matt's safety contingency plans relied on him still being conscious enough to implement them, and thus, they were useless.

Never, ever get into a vac bed alone.  There is no safe way to do so.  The man who understood vac beds the best, in the whole world, wasn't able to do it safely.  Please do not allow this scene to replay with another person's death.

We will miss you and love you forever, Matty."

Remember this day. Never play alone. NEVER. Your momentary pleasure isn't worth the risk.
I'm done with sitting back and watching it happen. This is a public announcement to my followers informing them of :iconhacker90:'s offenses.

I've sat and watched :iconhacker90: for a long time now. I've seen him at the start and am currently watching his downfall. Hacker90 is being slowly but surely burned by the DiD community here on DA. Why? Well, I'll tell you.

Hacker started as a normal commissioner. Just came on the scene, being social and commissioning arts from people like any other person. After a while, he decided to post a journal with a "Commission Guide" to newbie commissioners, giving his stance on how you should go about working the trade. Within it, he stated:

1: You should haggle with the artist for a better price. Don't pay high prices for art when you can get it cheaper.

2: Make sure you get the artist's personal contact info, such as their IM names. Don't settle for things like email or DA notes.

3: Make sure to be friendly with artists, because you can get free art or other perks for being friends with them.

Of course, I looked at this with a cocked eyebrow as it painted a picture of someone who's only interested it what he can squeeze out from us artists. Instead of over-reacting though, I instead told him that these kinds of instructions would instead make the artists mad at their commissioners and would do a disservice to his followers. He changed his journal and edited out those parts, which was good. Though he deleted the entire journal completely within a short time. A habit that he's continued, which guarantees that no evidence remains to incriminate himself with.

This was the start of a long career of sigh inducing behaviors.

When :iconphantomdotexe: came into the scene, she was quickly stalked by the intrusive Hacker who enjoyed repeatedly teasing her, making snide comments and even going so far as to commission art of her OC without asking her for permission. This alone is sort of an edgy thing to do, though not entirely a jerkish maneuver, though commissioning art of her being killed by his own OC is creepy to say the least. Unfortunately, Phantom is either too kind of a person, or too unable to defend herself that she let him get away with it. When asked why she's friends with him she stated, "... I'm not really sure." In fact, you'll likely find that Hacker is still a part of :iconmiragecorp-intl:, having bullied his way into it. This upset many people and he's lost friends due to it, that are still mad at him for it.

When :iconwe-r-nomad: came on the scene, he eagerly lapped up the great art and littered Nomad's pages with compliments. It was nice to see a seeming change in his ways. Sadly, it quickly devolved into passive aggressive insults that insulted both how slow Nomad was in finishing art, but also how old and decrepit he was. Being the more mature person, Nomad simply ignored the jabs at him and went on with his business, despite how much it bothered him.

This changed on the day that Hacker decided to instigate his new plan to get Nomad's attention. He commissioned art by :iconrcanheta:, the Totally Dolled comic series , and posted previews of it on his page, stating that the full sized versions of said art would not be released until Nomad ponied up art of "The first FMP Maid." Then he asked his followers to go and bother Nomad about it, until he'd give in and do it. Apparently, since Hacker couldn't get his ear, other people would. This backfired as Nomad finally had enough of the shenanigans and blocked Hacker.

This set off another series of events wherein Hacker decided that the best way to get Nomad to un-block him, would be to hold *more* art hostage. This time, he held :iconlostonezero:'s art hostage, posting previews with large red letters stamped BLOCKEDBLOCKEDBLOCKED over them, stating that they would not be unblocked until a certain block was removed. His followers were confused. Nobody was amused. He quickly deleted the posts and hid the evidence again, as is his established pattern. In fact, he posted and quickly deleted a journal stating that the LOZ art would never be released, only to post them a few days later here: and here:

To date, this has not worked. He is still blocked and he still whines about it.

Just recently, he re-posted this art: (now edited, check here for the original: to drum up sympathy. You'll notice the large blocked section in the comments. If you'd like to see some of it, just look [here.] Soon, this will likely be deleted as well, in an attempt to cover up yet more wrongdoing on his part.

Hacker continues to be filled with aggression and a seeming superiority complex over artists and art collectors alike, due to his willingness to part with money for commission art. But, this journal is about why future and current artists should not take his money for work.

Hacker has abused artist's willingness to redraw art, he's extremely demanding and bossy about what you should draw and what you owe him in a commission. He expects free art and comps from the deals if does a lot of business with you and he's burned quite the number of artists in the past. Word gets out. There's a growing group of people that will not work with him again. "People like Hacker" seems to be a common theme with them. Be aware. As other artists refuse to work with him, he seeks out new artists to fuel his ideas. If you're not aware, you can wind up being one of those new people. If you're lucky, it'll be a normal affair. If you're unlucky, you'll wind up doing more art for less (or no) money, have that art be used to manipulate other people and get soured on the entire business of doing art. It's your call, but there are plenty of other people with cash that aren't complete jerks. Art is a reward, not a right. It's up to the community as a whole to remove abusive members like this from our ranks.

As a final note, it's amusing to see how desperate he is for fap material. He despises one of his own former artists: :iconparangsakti: and has blocked him for months now, after a fallout they had when Hacker burned him. Yet, he still follows his other account on Pixiv. I guess that while he can't stand his opinions, his art is still worthy to masturbate to.



There's a lot of people who have started to see his ugly side and are now re-evaluating his relationship with them. I keep getting notes from random people who either used to be his friends or have had inflammatory run-ins with him in the past. Please, if you really honestly want him gone from our community, speak up about it. If everyone silently nods their heads and agrees, yet does nothing nor speaks up, there is no case to be had. The most common thing I hear is "Wow, I didn't know that there were so many other people that have problems with him too." Of course not. Nobody knew because nobody wants to risk looking bad by talking about it in public. There's a lot of people who he's angered, it's not just me. Frankly speaking, he hasn't even done anything to myself, I'm angered by what he's done to others.

Speak up. This isn't some personal vendetta towards him, this is someone who's actively been damaging our community for a while now. If you believe it needs to stop and you've seen it yourself, then help build a case.

In related news, Hacker seems to be shedding friends like a winter coat in summer. Not only am I getting news from people about his new bitter tone towards them, but he's apparently been trying to find proxy commissioners that will get him past the blockade of artists that won't work with him anymore. So, if you *are* an artist that he's commissioned and you won't work with him, beware of puppets that he's now trying to use to still get art from you. The guy just doesn't stop.

He cares about the art. Not about you.
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All done. I'll likely be open again in a few months.

My basic rate is going to be (out of necessity) 10 US dollars for a basic B/W ink like this:… or this:…

1 character base, if you want more characters, detail or work done, then price is negotiable. I (apparently) specialize in gear, webbing and odd angles. No blood, lolis or scat.

Preference goes to people who have neat ideas or content that I like. It's not first come first serve, however my queue is small and fills rather quickly.

Post here, note me, I don't care either way. I'll get the message.

Check out my gallery for refs of my work here: [Suichiboard Gallery]

Current Queue:
Done) :icontheshortkeys:
Done) :iconzaionczyk:
Done) :iconweirdseal:
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Our little corner of the sexual world already has enough people gunning for us as is. Do we really need to be screwing our own kind like this? Christ almighty, people. Don't be this greedy.

First, the problem:
SlickDot Vs Everyone

Then the complications:
IAR Corruption

Do you like it when people steal your art as their own? Read this and feed your minds.


Edit: Looks like the IAR reaction to this is getting downright disturbing. Here's what's posted as the forum notice there:

Given the recent nastiness, the IAR will be off the air for a couple of weeks while I decide where to go from here, if at all.

Over 50% of all rubber fetish garments sold are basic catsuits. They are the foundation garment of nearly every Rubberist. I was simply trying to make decent quality, made to measure catsuits costing about $100 available to Rubberists who could not otherwise afford them. My vision was to "put a basic catsuit in the closet of every Rubberist" -- a kind of "Volks-suit", so to speak. My heart was with the low end consumer who is struggling during these hard economic times. I did not anticipate the virulent reaction by the haute couture fashion side of the industry. This was supposed to be about catsuits, not fashion. Ooops....

Sorry, folks! I tried to make the "Volks-suit" idea work for you but it was not to be. Maybe next time...

Expect some rather substantial changes coming in the general focus, orientation and administration of the new IAR. It will have a more narrowly defined audience. Many of you will be pleased by it; others will probably want to seek community elsewhere.

Try back in the middle of August or so. Maybe we'll be back online by then.

Carpe Rubber Diem!

Are you fucking serious? No. Not buying that bullshit for a second. A basic catsuit is not a specialty design catsuit that's more a work of art than a simple clothing item. The argument of "Volks-suit" is an outlandish and false defense. Anyone can see that here.
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This holiday season is shaping up to be tighter than I had planned, so I need to make up for it via commissions. Anyone interested?

My basic rate is going to be (out of necessity) 10 US dollars for a basic B/W ink like this:… or this:…

I can do basic colors if you want to negotiate, but you're honestly going to get better work from someone else. I'm just not a color type of guy.

My slots will be limited and not based on first come first serve. I find that if I enjoy the art I'm doing, everyone winds up being happy.

[Suichiboard Gallery]
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deviantART Loves You by akreon
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Why do people feel like they can only be a "DiD Artist" or a "Clean Artist" but not both? Did people forget that they're just *Artists*?

Dear FarTooManyInternetArtists,

I swear to the fates beyond, there's so much angst over what type of artist that people are within our little niche community. Why? If you're putting an artificial title on yourself just to get recognition, you're doing it wrong.

DO ART. Whatever that art is. Whatever you happen to like. DO IT.

Nobody holds your hand and makes you draw. Nobody is controlling what you produce. Just draw what makes you happy and what you're internally driven to do and all will be fine in the end. If you feel like DiD one day, do it. Then if you feel like "clean" the next twelve days? Do it. You're still the same person, it's not like your kink badge gets revoked when you don't produce for one day and it's not like the Art General Superior comes over and snaps all your pencils in half if you do kinky works sometimes.

Stop worrying about how popular you are and how many :+fav: you get. It doesn't change *anything* about you. You don't need to produce work for selfish "fans" that don't care about anything other than beating you into slavery.

If you seriously need to pigeonhole yourself into this category or that, as well as constantly appease "the fans" because you need their constant love and attention, you really need to re-assess your entire reason for being here.

Also, stop ****ing posting temper tantrums about "quitting" the DiD world and DiD art because you want to be respected. You denied yourself that respect when you didn't stand up for your art in the first place. Grow a pair.

---Love, Suichiro :heart:

(P.S. Having fans and being popular doesn't make you right. When you start to believe in your own hype machine, you're just as bad as all the people you hate.)

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It's :iconfredgdperry: Fred Perry's birthday today as well as Mike Mignola's. It's also Mexican Independence Day.

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